Triumph Design Awards

Triumph Design Awards

A competition which promotes the relevance and importance of Design & Technology – a subject in crisis, by giving young people in the UK the opportunity to showcase themselves, their school and their work at a national level.

For years employers have warned of an acute shortage of skilled engineers at all levels, and EngineeringUK has recently said the country needs 1.8 million new engineers and technicians by 2025.

Design & Technology allows young people to innovate, create, solve problems and learn through failure.¬† These traits are essential in the Engineering careers which, in years to come (and workforce permitting) will play a big part in solving the world’s most challenging problems.

It’s easy to blame schools, OFSTED, government or parents for not recognising the important skills and opportunities Design & Technology provides to young people. But blame doesn’t help anyone anyway. It’s childish and defeatist. What’s important is that we all recognise our responsibilities, and take what opportunities we can to be proactive. If companies need young people with specific skills – let’s get out there and make it happen.

I had an idea for how Triumph could do more to get out there and make it happen. Not only did they listen, they then allowed me the freedom innovate, and the space and autonomy to fail.

The result was the Triumph Design Awards, a competition and programme run entirely by Design Engineers, and fully supported the Chairman, CEO and Senior Management at Triumph Motorcycles Ltd.

The following videos tell you what the Triumph Design Awards is all about – enjoy!

2017 Triumph Design Awards Promo Video

2017 Triumph Design Awards Final Video

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